My Bubble Gum Girl

In pink leotard and white skates, she’s hip for fun
While golden tan and yellow shades reflect the sun.
Blowin’ bubbles, she hits the beach n’ boardwalk
Where ‘Bubble Gum Girl’ is scribbled in chalk.

Cruisin’ the concrete between the palm trees,
Where flamingos and cherry ride the breeze.
She laughs “Join the fun that don’t stop!”
My Bubble Gum Girl goes Pop! Pop! Pop!

Beautiful beach bums laugh and smile
As her playlist swims the sandy mile.
A sea of hands wave to the chick in the pink,
She lifts her shades and shoots back a wink.

She steers towards the bright lights at the arcade
Where an island of games shout to be played.
Alarms and tickets celebrate her wins,
My babe hops and cheers and her ponytail spins.

Cruisin’ the concrete between the palm trees,
Where flamingos and cherry ride the breeze.
She sings “Feel the beat that don’t drop!”
My Bubble Gum Girl goes Pop! Pop! Pop!

Her bubbly friends come in every flavor,
All with mouth-watering beauty to savor.
They flock together and dominate the track,
My breath-taking girl comes in a pack.

When the sunset paints a sherbet sky,
She blows a big bubble and rides it high.
She cheers “This party goes straight to the top!”
My Bubble Gum Girl goes Pop! Pop! Pop!

Soaring Romantic Currents In Bronte’s “Night Wind”

Emily Bronte’s “Night Wind” uses classically romantic imagery to tell of nature’s immense seductive capacities, with the wind’s voice and emotions charming a woman into cosmic union.

True to its title, the wind is central in “Night Wind” (Bronte 1846), and all aspects of the poem’s metaphor flow from it. Opening with the classic love scene of a twilight visit, the poem sets the mood with sky and rose motifs that introduce the speaker’s unannounced caller at the window. Bronte does a great job personifying the wind, the Earth’s very breath, as a courter of flesh and blood, attempting to caress her body as much as her mind: “I sat in silent musing; \ The soft wind waved my hair; \ It told me heaven was glorious,\ And sleeping earth was fair” (lines 5-8).

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Bringing That Funky Beat Down

a NICK BEAT single

Nick Beat studied the map in the sunlight, a beautifully hand-drawn waterfall with a walkway along the cliff detailed in the center that had a vibrant Brasilian village lining the river at the top.

His companion was flustered. “No, this isn’t right,” Maria said, poking her golden-brown head from behind the map to look at the actual land. The real village was in ruin, crumbling buildings overgrown with vegetation. Only the beautiful waterfall remained, and its proud blue flow.

Her hair blew in the breeze. “Why would my father hide a studio here?”

Nick was confused. “Why would a musician set up in a waterfall canyon?” The map bent in his hands, revealing Nick Beat’s square black sunglasses and tanned, freshly bruised face. “For the acoustics,” he said, and snapped the paper back rigid. The map put their days-long adventure into perspective. All that was left was to find the legendary funk hero Marco Zaya’s lost studio.

“You continue to justify your price.” Maria said. “Your agent was right.”

“She knows you send a musician to find a musician,” Nick said. “And I’m a one man band.”

Maria laughed. “A band without instruments.”

“I’ll play if the mood strikes,” Beat said. “You hired me to bring you closure.”

For the dozenth time during the trip, Nick glanced at the poem written in the upper right corner.

Sing to me, Lady in My Heart.
I hear your voice across the land, this land I love.
Sing to me, Lady in My Heart.
I will always be with you, even when I’m gone.

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Rites of Passage

A brilliant battle raged in the east, between a bloodied boy and bruised beast.

Brandishing his blade, he bobbed and weaved, and bounded as his enemy heaved.

Though bearing a bite, the boy stabbed meat, now a Man seizing foe’s last heart beat.

Elsewhere, night slew day and streaked maroon in the sky; its majesty lost on all but a few.

But she grew wings as her spirit rose high, and flew with glee as strong breeze blew.

The universe revealed all that was true, so she rode the new wind and danced for the moon.