ZIGZAG Chapter One


*This is the first of five sample chapters from the revised Home Run Edition. Cover by IMbeta.

A game as old as humanity was starting in the peaceful Diamond Kingdom, its lines drawing around the unsuspecting citizens. Going on a quick offensive, darkness fell over the beautiful agricultural land and spread across the streets. Chaos erupted throughout the city as fire engulfed abandoned cars and glass shards sparkled down the asphalt. Everywhere there was confusion. Only in the kingdom’s center was the dark repelled, intense neon purple light its final line of defense. There, a massive purple pillar shot from the Earth, connecting the Diamond Castle to the heaven’s above. Some believed the Electron Gods looked down on the game as it played out, waiting to record the first point on the scoreboard.

And then the all-knowing Chatter, the streaming voice of thousands of people from across the city, broadcast its play-by-play into the purple tinted air.

“The protests have turned violent,” said the commentary, “a mob has marched on the castle. It’s all over the net.”

The next voice replied with concern. “I’m reading up on all the news but am really lost. Can somebody explain what’s going on? Who’s fighting?”

At the southern tip of the city, footsteps echoed off the baseball stadium’s concrete walls, the massive structure home to The Diamond Cutters. The sound burst from the entrance onto the streets and a shadow hit the sides of the shops along them, the flat image of a person running at full speed. The silhouette expertly navigated the city, taking a shortcut to the train station on Stadium Way. The shadow disappeared into a dark alley, its presence reduced to footsteps again.

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