ZIGZAG Chapter One


*This is the first of five sample chapters from the revised Grand Slam Edition. Cover by IMbeta.

A game as old as humanity was starting in the peaceful Diamond Kingdom, darkness falling over the beautiful agricultural land and sprawling concrete sidewalks. But it was held back by an intense neon purple light radiating from the kingdom’s center, where a massive purple beam shot from the Earth to the sky, connecting the Diamond Castle to the heavens above. Some believed the Electron Gods looked down on the game as it played out, waiting to record the first point on the scoreboard.

And then the all-knowing Chatter, the streaming voice of the millions of people posting across the city’s internal social media system, broadcast its commentary into the purple night sky.

“Feels like there’s a weird spark in the air tonight,” said the first contributor. “Too bad the city’s a powder keg.”

The comment got a quick reply. “No joke. It looks like riots have broken out at the north part of the kingdom, and it sounds like every Diamond Knight is on the clock tonight.”

Only one person was wholly plugged into this datastream, collecting people’s thoughts from across the Diamond Kingdom, listening to their hopes and fears, day in and day out.

The baseball stadium was a major part of the kingdom’s south side, but, tonight, the quiet complex’s lights were focused on the batter at home plate, her transparent gold visor splashing rich color across stern blue eyes.

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